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                                                 RLA 7th grade  

                                           Classroom Expectations 

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    The teacher will get to know me, teach me, and witness my journey to the 8th grade.  



    We will arrive at class by our scheduled time and be prepared for today's lesson.  



    If no teacher is in the classroom, please wait quietly outside in a single line until one arrives. 



    Students will confirm their presence in the designated spiral notebook or take the risk of being counted absent.  



    We have a set amount of class time to cover the materials.   

    Therefore, it is imperative to enter the classroom with a ready-to-work mindset. 



    Once seated, begin with the morning prompt for your hardback journal. 



    Within the classroom, we will respect each other with courteous behavior.  

    Your teacher would hope that it extends everywhere on and off the campus.  



    We will all be mindful of our voices in regards to each other, the activity, and for other classrooms. 



    Every voice matters, so we will take turns and raise our hand for any questions or commentary. 



    We will take responsibility for our work or lack of work and accept the consequences put in place. 

    If you feel the consequence is not justified, it will be addressed to the teacher privately and respectfully for consideration or a counter decision.   



    We will each clean up after ourselves.   

    Everyone deserves a clean space to learn.  



    We will respect each other's space, feelings, opinions, and property.   



    If anyone needs help beyond what is listed or expected, please ask for help from one of your many supporters, which includes: teacher, counselor, coach, nurse, or administrator, because you matter to us.  



    Cell phones and air pods will be stored away for safety and to abide by school policies.  



    Restroom privileges will be provided according to the standard grade level policy put in place.  



                                                          Ms. Roberts 



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