• Copperfield Elementary is a Restorative Discipline campus. We follow the four components of RESPECT: 

      • Teacher respecting students
      • Students respecting teachers
      • Students respecting students
      • ALL respecting classroom

      When students are not following district, campus and/or classroom rules we take steps to help students become more kind, respectful, problem solving individuals.

      Classroom Rules:

      • Abide by District Student Code of Conduct, Dress Code
      • Follow the Respect Agreement
      • Be on Time, Be Prepared, Be Ready To Learn
      • Be Respectful, Responsible and Reliable
      • Be kind and helpful
      • Participate and Complete homework and class assignments. 
      • Come to school all day, everyday! Attendance is key!

      Failure to follow Classroom Rules:

      • First time: Gentle Reminder
      • Second Time: 5 min loss of recess to discuss expectations with teacher
      • Third Time: 10 min loss of recess, Circle with Teacher, Students complete behavior correction form, Red slip and Parent phone call
      • Fourth Time: Lunch detention, Circle with Teacher, Students complete behavior correction form, Red slip and Parent phone call
      • Fifth Time: Parent Teacher conference, Possible conference with Principal & Counselor



      We implement many motivational strategies to help students exceed expectations.

      In my classroom, students have the opportunity to earn the following:

      • Warm Fuzzies: 
        • Students earn fuzzies for getting compliments for walking in the hall correctly, respecting cafeteria rules and from others on campus. When they fill the jar, they get a classroom reward of their choosing (pj day, popsicles, popcorn, extra recess, computer time, etc.)
      • Raffle Tickets
        • Students earn tickets for behavior, homework, outstanding work, etc. Tickets are entered into a weekly drawing for homework passes, lunch with the teacher, sit by a friend, etc.
      • House Points : Students will continue to earn points for their house
      • Green slips: Students receive positive notes home to parents when they exceed expectations or meet goals in the classroom. 


      Student Handbook

      Student handbook Spanish