• LE II & Principles of Law, Public Safety,

    Corrections & Security


    Teacher:  J. Gomora-Leon Classroom:  Room H216

    Phone: (940) 235- 1091 Email: jgomoraleon@judsonisd.org

    Conference Time:  3:15-4:45 PM Office Hours: M-W 4:35-5:35

    Course Description:  


    • Pencils or Pens (black or blue ink only)

    • Journal

    • Chromebooks!

    Mr. Gomora Rules:

    1. Be prepared

    2. Be respectful 

    3. Be cooperative

    4. Be responsible

    5. No phones during class


    Grading Procedures:

    Grades will be accessible through Skyward. 

    • Tests*, Quizzes & Labs: 60%

    • Daily Work, Homework, & Projects: 40%



    A=90-100% B=80-89% C=75-79% D=70-74% F=0-69%



    When a student it absent, it is THEIR responsibility to get the notes and work missed. The work will be placed in the makeup folder and the student should pick it up the day they return from being absent OR the student can print it from Google Classroom OR email me at jgomoraleon@judsonisd.org.  It is also recommended they attend the next available tutoring session for additional help. 


    Late Policy:

    Students will be given a date for all work to be turned in for progress reports and report cards. Usually, the date is the Wednesday of the last week of progress reports or report cards. No more work will be accepted after the last day. 


    Tardiness: Tardy students will receive one detention hall every time they are tardy to class. 


    Substitute Teacher Procedures:

    When I am out and you have a substitute, in addition to the above class rules, the following rules apply: 1. Complete the assignment given. 

    2. Remain in your assigned seat at all times.  

    3. Turn in work at the END of the period


    There will be a zero-tolerance policy towards misbehaving students! If your name is 

    written down, you will receive a D-hall/referral depending on infraction



    Chromebooks are required for use in class on a daily basis. Chronic forgetfulness will result in disciplinary action. 


    All cell phones must be turned off during class time. It is Judson ISD policy that students may.  Excessive phone use and distraction to self or others is subject to confiscation. If a student has their cell phone confiscated it is subject to a $15 fee for return from their vice principal. 


    All cellphone/iPods/mp3 players/music players/video players, etc. must be put away. When the teacher enters the classroom, instructions will advise to have all cell phones and electronic devices be put away and kept there. The first offense will be given a verbal warning with parental contact, the second offense will require the student to give the teacher the electronic device until the end of the period and the third offense will result in the device being turned into the office and the parent must come to pick it up to pay the fine and speak about the referral that was submitted. 


    1. Verbal warning

    2. Seat change

    3. One on One is subject to a parental contact

    4. Parent Conference

    5. Conference with administration/parent or both

    6. Referral to be removed from elective 



    1. Verbal praise

    2. Parent positive phone call

    Daily schedule

    Daily Schedule *
    10-20 minutes on Daily Warm Up
    20-30 minutes Direct Lesson Lecture
    35-50 minutes Independent/Group Practice
    15 minutes Check for Understanding
    5-10 minutes Wrap-Up

    75-90 minutes Total

    *Subject to change

    Contact info

    School Email: jgomoraleon@judsonisd.org

    Campus Phone Number:  (210) 619-0220

    Conference Period: 5th period  315 :PM - 4:35 PM