• Art 1 Syllabus

    Greetings! My name is Melonie Morrow and I am the Art 1 Teacher at Kittyhawk Middle School. I’m in Building 1000 Room 1019. This is my 15th year teaching Art, and I am very excited to get the school year started. My art curriculum will educate you in art history, self-expression, drawing, painting, sculpture, and recycled art projects. Below I have listed a few art supplies that are needed daily in this art class.

    1. Sketchbook                                                    4. Black Sharpie
    2. #2 Pencils                                                         5. Magazines (recycled)
    3. Baby Wipes                                                    6. Newspaper (recycled)


     Art Student Contract: In Art 1 Class I promise to be an artist:

    A-Have a positive “I Can Do It” ATTITUDE.

    R-Respect ideas, things, feelings, and people.

    T- Try my best, No “I Can’t”.

    I- Show my imagination, creativity, make unique art.

    S- Make good, responsible safe choices.

    T- Stay on task and use time wisely.


    _I have a 3 strikes you're out rule. 1st broken rule is a warning, 2nd- you sit out and I give consultation and 3rd is a write up/call home. The strikes are dependent on the severity of the negative behavior.

    IF you have read and agree to the Art 1 Class rules and expectations please sign below and return them to your art teacher.



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    Student cell-________________________________

    Student’s art class Period: _____________________

    Parent Name: (Print) _________________________

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    Parent cell: _______________________ Date: _____________