• Art Student Contract: In Art 1 Class I promise to be an artist:

    A-Have a positive “I Can Do It” ATTITUDE.

    R-Respect ideas, things, feelings, and people.

    T- Try my best, No “I Can’t”.

    I- Show my imagination, creativity, make unique art.

    S- Make good, responsible safe choices.

    T- Stay on task and use time wisely.




    _I have a 3 strikes you're out rule.

    1st broken rule is a warning,

    2nd- you sit out at a desk to the side by the board and I give consultation and

    3rd is a write up/call home.

    The strikes are dependent on the severity of the negative behavior.


    Art Traffic Light Rule

    During my art lesson demonstrations and Art History Lessons, I use a poster that looks like a traffic light.

    I say, "Yellow light 3 second warning, 3, 2, 1, 0, RED LIGHT STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN."

    Then I teach the step or introduce art history.

    When I am finished with the step or finished talking, I say, "GREEN LIGHT GO!"

    The students start working. 

    Then I walk around to assist and observe students working. When I see that most or all of the students have completed the step, I say, "YELLOW LIGHT 3 second warning, 3, 2, 1, 0 RED LIGHT STOP, LOOK , AND LISTEN."

    This has been a successful strategy to pace my lessons or demonstrations in sequence and have a structured classroom management style. If students do not follow directions, then I utilize the "3 strikes youre out rule.