• Biology 2022-2023

    Major Topics of Study:

    • Cells, Cell Cycle, Cellular Transport

    • DNA Transcription and Translation

    • Protein Synthesis

    • Viruses

    • Genetics

    • Evolution and Taxonomy

    • Ecology

    • Plant and Animal Systems



    Late Work

    Because our course moves at a fast pace, turning assignments in on time is essential for success. 

    Per school policy, late assignments will be accepted 5 days from the designated due date or at the end of the nine weeks, if the nine weeks ends prior to the due date. 

    When an assignment is submitted after the due date,  a late penalty of up to 5 pts per day will be applied.



    Good attendance is essential to success in Biology. 

    Because this is a semester course, entire units can be covered within a week or two.  Missing class repeatedly will make it very difficult to learn and retain information. 

    If you have an EXCUSED absence, please be sure to check CANVAS for updates and posted assignments. 

    Per school policy, students will be given one day to make up work for each EXCUSED absence.  

    Students will not be given credit for make-up work when the absence is due to truancy.

    LABS requiring materials will need to be made up in person during tutoring or an arranged time unless an alternative assignment is approved by Ms. Stannard.



    We will be utilizing digital resources to research, review, and submit some assignments and assessments. 

    You are responsible for bringing your charged Chromebook to class every day so that you can access and submit assignments through Canvas.

    Cell phones and headphones are NOT ALLOWED in class and must be KEPT OUT OF SIGHT unless authorized by Ms. Stannard for instructional use.  


    Grading Categories

    60% Daily Work and Quizzes

    40% Exams and Major Projects

    Passing the STAAR EOC Biology Exam is a graduation requirement.  Always try your best!


    Additional Information

    • Prior to the bell, please grab your  notebook and begin your daily warm-up. 

    • ​No food or drink in the classroom other than water bottles.

    • We will follow the school tardy policy as well as the "10 minute Rule" regarding bathroom usage.  Please visit restrooms and handle personal errands during passing periods.

    • We will follow the school discipline policy.

    • All work submitted should be your own!

    • Please do not rearrange classroom furniture.

    • Please respect classroom resources.  Clean your area and return allmaterials to their proper locationsbefore leaving each day.