• Math Homework:

    All homework is given on Monday and due on Friday. Students may turn in early if they wish.

    Homework #1/Mixed Practice:  Students must solve 6-7 mixed skilled problems.  They should show all the work and equations needed to solve each problem.  *These problems are 3rd grade level to reinforce previously taught skills and to lessen frustration at home. 

    Homework #2/Mixed Computation: Students must solve 10 problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as we cover the concepts in class.  They must write the problems vertically (as seen in the example) in order to show their work.  Problems without work, and only an answer, will not be accepted as complete. 

    Homework #3/Fact Practice: Students should practice their multiplication facts each night for memorization.  They may use flashcards, racetracks, or even write out their multiples to practice.  Every week will be a different fact from x 0's all the way to x 12's. 

Mixed Practice
Fact Practice