• Principals of Business, Marketing, and Finance


    1. The student discusses economic concepts impacting prices. 
    1. The student defines ethics in business 
    1. The student identifies the role and impact of government, the legal system, and organized labor in business. 
    1. The student differentiates between the types of economic systems, with emphasis on the private enterprise system and the United States economy.  
    1. The student analyzes cost and profit relationships in finance.  
    1. The student analyzes the sale process, techniques used to enhance customer relationships, and the likelihood of making sales.  
    1. The student demonstrates how to advertise by communicating promotional messages to targeted audiences. 
    1. The student understands how to increase sales by employing visual merchandising techniques and using special events to increase sales. 
    1. The student knows that advertising is the paid form of non-personal communication about an identified sponsor's products. 
    1. The student understands the fundamental principles of money. 
    1. The student demonstrates an understanding of personal financial management. 
    1. The student analyzes career opportunities and formulates a career plan. 


    BIM I – Course Outline

    1.  Course Introduction – Syllabus & AUP
    • Lab and Safety rules
    • Human Relations
    • Leadership
    • Ethics

    Computer terminology and History


                            MS Word

    1.  Spreadsheet/Excel

                            Project Integration – Word & Excel

    1.  Database

                            Project Integration – Word & Access

    1.  PowerPoint (5 weeks)

                            Project integration – Word, Internet, and PowerPoint

    1.  Semester Integration Project: (6 Week Project + Counts as 75% of Final Exam Grade)

    Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access


    BIM II – Course Outline

    1. Project Management
      1. Creating and Managing a Business Project
      2. Planning and Implementing a Business Project
      3. Analyzing and Evaluating a Business Project
    2. Communications
      1. The Importance of Verbal Communication
      2. Soft Skills in the workplace
      3. Business Reporting
      4. Diversity at Work
      5. Internal and External Communication


    Social Media Marketing


    1. Professionalism in Social Media Marketing
    2. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    3. A Marketing Tool; Social and Mobile Media
    4. Successful Social Media in Marketing
    5. The Legal Side of Social Media Marketing
    6. Evaluation