• Course Syllabus for Ms. Robinson’s 6th Grade English

    Kitty Hawk Middle School


    Contact Information

    Ms. DyLexus Robinson

     Room: 1022 Phone: 210.920.5955 (text only)

    E-Mail: drobinson893@judsonisd.org



    Welcome to Sixth Grade English! I am excited to be your teacher this year, and I look forward to exploring the important concepts of critical literacy with you. I am here to challenge you and encourage you to think outside the box; please be prepared to work hard and do your best. If you do those things, I guarantee you will succeed. Please keep this syllabus for reference throughout the year. 


    Course Description/Overview

    Sixth-grade Language Arts will continue students’ growth in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, discussion, and reflection. Reading strategies, critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and the main elements of reading instruction. The focus of writing instruction will be narrative, expository and persuasive writing with requirements based on Common Core standards.


    Policies and Procedures

    In this class, you are expected to participate and engage in a variety of activities and assignments. You are also expected to be on time and prepared for class each and every day; this means you need to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings, with all of your materials (including assignments), ready to learn. 


    Classroom Rules

    • Students will be on time and prepared for class.

    • Students will respect and cooperate with others in the class (i.e., no talking when someone is presenting – including teacher and fellow students);

    • Students will be attentive and actively listen during instruction;

    • Students will avoid bringing items that distract from and/or disrupt learning. This indicates NO PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES in class;

    • Students will actively and supportively engage in class discussions and activities;  Students will limit their passes out of the room;

    • Students will wait to be dismissed

    • * Adjustments made as necessary.


    Substitute Teachers

    All substitute teachers will be treated with respect. Please remember that any work they ask you to complete is from ME, not them. Any consequences for misbehavior are DOUBLED if they result in class disruption when a substitute teacher is present.


    Supplies/Necessary Items

    • Chromebook/ Chromebook Charger (You will need these two items daily.)

    • Pen/pencil

    • Writing Journal x2

    • Completed assignments




    Grading Scale 

    Grading Categories

    Letter grades are assigned based upon a percentage of points accumulated:

    90-100% A

    80-89% B

    70-79% C

    60-69% D

    59% or lower F 

    Final semester grades will be comprised of the following weighted categories:

    Tests/ Major Projects/ Process Writing Papers   40%


    Quizzes/ Daily Assignments                                    60%

    Late Work

    There should be little or no late work. On the rare occasion that you do forget to complete an assignment, I will accept late work UP TO THREE DAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE. This three-day extension is considered the deadline. Students may earn 70% credit until the deadline; however, the assignment will receive a score of ZERO once the deadline has passed.


    In the event you need an extension on a particular task or assignment, please see me prior to the due date. Extensions allow students to turn in assignments at a later date without penalty. However, extensions will be granted solely at my discretion; they are determined on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed, so be sure to speak with me as soon as possible.


    Absent Work

    While I am certainly here to help you get caught up after an absence, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to determine what work you have missed. Please know that it is NOT appropriate to ask me what you missed during class time. We can talk about it before or after class. Being absent does not excuse you from the day’s work/academic expectations. Please remember – you are responsible for getting your work done.


    Academic Integrity

    Students are expected to perform all work and tasks with academic integrity; that is, cheating is not permitted. The most serious form of cheating is plagiarism, in which students submit someone else’s work as their own. Some examples of cheating include (but are not limited to) 

    • copying answers verbatim

    • summarizing someone else’s work without giving them credit

    • looking/glancing at someone else’s paper in or out of class

    •  using other students’ tests and/or papers to earn a grade

    • and using a cell phone or electronic device during an exam.


    CHEATING WILL RESULT IN A ZERO “0” for the assignment and may result in further disciplinary action. JISD plagiarism protocols will be followed.


    TALKING OR USING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE DURING AN EXAM (even if the student is done with his/her test but other students are still testing) WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR THE EXAM AND A REFERRAL TO THE OFFICE.


    Final Note

    All policies, procedures, and protocols are subject to review and change, as needed. Please remember that these expectations have been established to provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.


    In closing, I would once again like to welcome you to Kitty Hawk and to Sixth Grade Reading Language Arts (RLA). This school year will be challenging, but I look forward to working with you as you continue to develop your critical literacy skills. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.