• 1st Week- (This is for both classes) We will take these couple of days to get to know each other and do a couple of icebreakers. I want to get those minds thinking after the summer break. We will be going over the campus guidelines as well as the classroom rules. EXPECTATIONS is the key word for this week and we will be going over this from different aspects. 


    2nd Week- (This is for both classes) Schedules are getting changed and students are still getting situated this week. At the beginning of the week, we are going to be discussing the importance of having effective communication. The students will identify the three forms of communication and learn how to recognize the meaning behind them. They will also be creating their own templates to help them write with correct content (punctuation, complete sentences, in detail, etc...).


    3rd Week-

    P of L: What is Crime? Students will learn about the different types of crime that Law Enforcement has to deal with in our community. This will also include why these crimes happen. 

    Law I: Why do we need Law Enforcement? We will be going over the different branches of Law Enforcement and discussing what each one does. They will understand why laws exist and how they play a big part in our everyday life.


    4th Week-

    P of L: The students will be learning about the Criminal Justice Process, which includes a person committing the crime, the booking, the court case, and incarceration.

    Law I: This section will cover what a person in custody could experience and how in depth they will be questioned once they reach headquarters. There are many different scenarios of who, what, when, where, and why. 


    5th Week:

    P of Law: We will be learning about the different types of drugs that are on our streets and how they affect our bodies. 

    Law I: Traffic Accidents...what a headache!!! This week we will be going over different scenarios. The students will be learning how to call in to report and how to write a report.