• Classroom Expectations

    1. After the bell rings at 8:45 it is officially class time and it should be quiet until I take roll.

    2. Be seated with all electronics put away

    3. No Sleeping in class

    4. Bring Pen and Paper

    5. Remain seated until the bell rings, no student will be allowed to stand by the door and wait for it.

    Restroom Policy

    1. 10/10 RULE

                       2. Only 7 minutes to come back, this will be enforced throughout the year.

                       3. Fill the pass out fully with your name, time out and time in.




    1. Do all assigned readings, pose your own questions [from the homework assignments] to bring to class for discussion, and to take good notes while viewing films.

    2. View all films/shorts/clips, etc., either during the days they are shown in class, or rent them to view at home [or, in some cases, borrow from me for home viewing].

    3. Keep a notebook with all notes taken while viewing a film or during class discussions, readings, and other materials handed out in class for you to read or use for Socratic seminar discussions. This notebook will be collected at the end of each term and a grade will be given for general appearance and organization, general content, and quality of notes [including underlining and marginal notations of readings given]. This will be worth 30 points.

    4. Make up all in class tests within the grace period of two class days without penalty [10% of your original grade will be deducted per day, for each day after that grace period—if there are extenuating circumstances, permission must be received from me to extend that original grace period without penalty!].

    5. An independent viewing and analysis of another film in one of the categories/historical topics covered will be completed within the first quarter of the term. This will take the form of a short 4-5 page mini- paper. One additional film analysis paper can be done for extra credit [but permission must be given by me before any student can pursue this option].

    6. Complete a film project in lieu of a final exam at the end of the course.