SYLLABUS for ELLA SY 2022-2023

    English Learner’s Language Arts (ELLA): This course is designed to provide instructional opportunities for students who are newcomers in U.S. schools and have little or no English proficiency. The course is designed to develop communication in English through targeted lessons. This course enables students to become increasingly more proficient in English in all four language domains: reading, writing, listening, speaking. It will develop language, survival vocabulary, and the basic building blocks of literacy for newly arrived and preliterate students.

    The class will follow TEA requirements and description:

    “Students will build their English language by acquiring both social and academic language. Ample opportunities will be given to listen, speak, read, and write at their level of English development while increasing the linguistic complexity as they acquire English. Interaction in the classroom through activities such as cooperative learning, thematic units, student oral / visual presentations, vocabulary logs, learning logs, literature discussion, interactive media, and writing activities are part of the instructional design for this course. Students will acquire literary analysis and writing skills through frequent listening to audio, being read to, independent reading, shared reading, and process writing. Students will require focused, targeted, and systematic second-language acquisition instruction to provide them with the foundation of English language vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and English mechanics. Cultural sensitivity and awareness through multicultural activities and functional language lessons through meaningful activities on terms, phrases, and expressions help students learn the language they must know to navigate in the new school setting and U.S. culture. Academic language is taught as students develop the concepts and skills needed for school success in English language arts. Students learn in a language-rich environment that values their culture and fosters the development of English language knowledge and skills”. https://www.esc20.net/upload/page/0112/docs/Newcomers%20English%20Language%20Development.pdf



    This course is designed to help students acquire English quickly so they can be academically successful at our school and beyond. 

    At the end of this course, students who successfully complete the coursework with a passing grade will have learned:


    • Strategies for reading and understanding English texts
    • A variety of literary genres
    • Grammar, basic punctuation and spelling rules
    • “Survival English communication skills
    • English pronunciation guidelines
    • Extensive English vocabulary
    • Writing grammatically correct sentences



    Required Materials

    To successfully complete this course, students will need to bring the following items to class each day:


    1. Blue, black, and red ink pens (all three colors)
    2. #2 pencils with erasers
    3. 2 composition books (NO SPIRALS)
    4. 4 - 2 pocket/3 brad folders all the same color
    5. Wide rule notebook paper


    1. glue sticks
    2. map colors
    3. markers
    4. 1 pack multi-color construction paper
    5. 1 box tissues
    6. Bilingual dictionary (optional)


    Course Work

    Our main focus this year into develop sufficient English to function within the school. This class will require all students to participate and practice listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The class is designed as a hands-on workshop style class, therefore daily participation will be required. Additionally, students will practice vocabulary and requirements from various content classes in order to comprehend and be successful throughout the entire schedule. Students will maintain a Book of Knowledge (BOK) notebook / folder for vocabulary and writing practices; Classroom Journal for reading and writing practice which will include an audio and listening section of their work in order to assess their own language development in these areas. Homework will be assigned regularly to enhance and provide additional practice. Homework is NOT optional.  At times, homework will require the use of computers/internet. These assignments will be given ahead of time. If the student does not have access to a computer of internet at home, arrangements can be made to use the classroom computers before or after school. Please notify me immediately to set up the appointment.

    In addition to the work listed above, students are expected to master key a portion of these vocabulary words which are essential for academic growth. In addition to basic survival vocabulary and sight words, students will learn 100 academic words such as:


    Please note that this is not the only vocabulary students will be exposed to or will be learning. This list reflects academic content vocabulary necessary for students to succeed in class. Additionally, ELLA students will be learning additional vocabulary in order to communicate effectively in and out of this classroom. These words will be introduced to help with the STAAR and TELPAS tests.



    General Rules Regarding Behavior:

    There is an expectation that all school/district rules will be followed. In the event of an infraction, a protocol will be followed. The steps are:


    1. Conference with student
    2. Parent phone call
    3. Office referral
    4. Parent Conference with teacher, counselor, or principal

    Cell phones and electronic devises:

    At times we may use cell phones or electronic devises for instructional purposes. If the student does not have a device, it will not affect the grade. However, except for those instances, the use of electronic devises including cell phones is not permitted in the classroom. This includes talking, texting, charging, or any other use of the devise. Violations to this expectation will follow district policy. District and campus policies will be strictly observed in this classroom and failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

    Grading/ Late Work Policies:

     I will follow the grading and late work policies set forth by the Judson ISD School Board.

    • Daily grades are 60% (this includes quizzes and homework)
    • Assessments are 40% (This includes tests and projects)

    Late work will be accepted within 3 days but will not receive a grade greater than a 75 even when mastery is demonstrated. If a student has an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to get the missed assignment and will have an additional day (for each missed day) to turn in the assignment without penalty. If the student missed a test or quiz, it is expected that the student will attend tutoring to complete a make-up test/quiz within a week of the absence. Please note that the majority of the work in this class requires direct participation. Therefore, attendance is of outmost importance. While some work can be made up, some activities cannot be reproduced during tutoring so an alternate activity will be assigned.

    *Unexcused absences and truancy will receive a grade of M = zero.

    Missing and low grades can be improved by attending tutoring and successfully completing a different assignment covering the same objective. Work must be completed within three days of the original assignment. Please not that a re-test or re-doing an assignment cannot earn a grade higher than a 75 even when the student demonstrates mastery.


    The expectation is that all students and parents continually review grades on Parent Center. Additionally, notifications will be sent via REMIND101. Please contact the teacher if you are not able to do this. All students have that capability through the library computers. Please note that the district is moving to an all-digital format so no progress reports or report card will be printed.


    At times throughout the year we may show a movie/clip in class (G) to enhance the learning experience. These movies are designed help students and provide a clear background; they are not, however, a time to do other homework or miss class. By signing the form below, I (the guardian) authorize my student to watch these movies.

    Students: Please read the course syllabus and share it with your parents. Then you and your parents should sign this sheet. Please return this sheet by Monday, August 19th, or within 5 school days of receiving it.

    I have read the policies and expectations for the ELLA class and understand them. If I choose not to meet these expectations, I am willing to accept the consequences per teacher and district policy.  Parent/Guardian: Please fill out the information below for the teacher’s records. If a Spanish version of this syllabus is available upon request.

    Student Name (Nombre):


    Preferred Name:

    Student Birthday (Cumpleaños):


    Home language (Idioma en el Hogar):

    Student Critical Allergies (if any) (Allergias):


    Home Cultural background (Cultura del Hogar):

    Parent/Guardian full name(s) (Nombre del Padre/Guardian):


    Parent/guardian Cell/Contact Phone Number

    Parent/Guardian Email:


    Best method/time of contact (Mejor metodo de contacto):


    Name and relationship of emergency contact:


    Contact phone number and email of emergency contact (Numero de Emergencia):

    Student Printed Name: ___________________________________________________________

    Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________

    Parent Printed Name (s): __________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature(s): ______________________________________________________________

    Date: _________________________________________________________________________



                             ENGLISH I COURSE SYLLABUS

    Mrs. Scott (rscott659@judsonisd.org) Room:  C305

    Tutoring: 8:05am-8:25am Tues & Thurs


    Course Information: In this course, students will be given the opportunities to increase and refine communication skills in the English language, and will practice various forms of writing.  Additionally, students will communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, before an audience of their peers. In English I, students will engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their writing, oral language skills, overall comprehension, and higher order thinking. English I is designed to prepare students for the End-of-Course State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) to be taken at the end of the term.

    Course Objectives

    • The students will improve writing and communication abilities.

    • The students will improve reading and comprehension skills across all genres.

    • The students will understand the relationship between literature and life.

    Course Description and Calendar:  Class will consist of collaborative work and individual assignments, lectures, student guided presentations, process papers and timed writings, tests, and quizzes. Students should keep in mind that anything we cover in class may show up on a quiz or test, or they may be expected to apply it in their writing.  This course is divided by two separate nine week grading periods, and students will receive a full credit at the end of the semester.


    Foundational Reading & Writing Skills


    Primary Focus is to Set Up Journal, Journal Writing, Reading & Writing Procedures

    Our Need to Belong and Personal Identity


    Why people feel the need to belong/how people behave I different situations or atmospheres


    The Call to Adventure & the Power of Intelligence


    Hero’s Journey, what people learn along the way, how to define intelligence

    Love & Sacrifice/Helping Others


    Facing Obstacles when it comes to love, ways humans can achieve life goals

    Every unit will focus on a variety of Reading and Writing Skills.


    Materials Needed: Two composition books, please bring a pen & pencil to class every day

    District provided ChromeBook or personal device & charger will be used both virtually and face to face.


    Student Expectations:

    • Complete Daily Check-ins
    • Be Present On Zoom - Turn Your Video On
    • Be Respectful - During Discussion And On The Chat
    • Stay On Mute Unless You Have The Floor
    • Raise Your Hand Virtually If You Have A Question
    • Keep Up With Reading And Assignments
    • Be Ready To Participate And Encourage Others With Positive Comments


    Complete academic honesty is always expected.  We will adhere to JISD’s policy regarding plagiarism, copying from, or colluding with another student on individual work.


    Students are expected to log in, daily, and in a timely manner, for their scheduled class.  In the event a student is ill or unable to log in due to technological difficulties, it is the student’s responsibility to check the Canvas classroom for the recorded Zoom lesson, along with the daily assignments.  There will be no time to discuss make-up work during class, so e-mail or call a trusted classmate if questions arise.


    Electronic devices will be essential for learning, both virtual and face to face, but students are expected to follow the JISD technology policies at all times.

    Grading Policy: 

    Daily Assignments/Quizzes:  60%

    Tests/Projects/Final Drafts of Essays:  40%

    Minimum of 2 Daily Assignments/Quizzes per week and 3 Test/Project/Final Draft grades per 9 weeks


    Late Work:  ELA I teachers will follow the policies defined in the JISD student handbook.


    Student Printed Name: ___________________________________________________________

    Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________

    Parent Printed Name (s): __________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature(s): ______________________________________________________________

    Date: _________________________________________________________________________