• Judson ISD Middle School Physical Education



    Goals of Physical Education: Physical Education is an important part of the total educational program.  Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others.  Students become aware of the social benefits of physical activity through participation.  The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged. The total development of students is the goal of the educational system.  Physical Education is a vital part in reaching this goal. A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program.  Activities vary from creative movement to lifetime sports.  All students have the need and right to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.   


    Units of Study: 


    Unit 1 


    Classroom Culture/Intro to Personal Fitness 


    Unit 2 


    Team Sports and Cooperative Activities 


    Unit 3 


    Team Sports/ Health Related Fitness 


    Unit 4 


    Team Sports 


    Unit 5 


    Rhythmic Movement And Fitness 


    Unit 6 


    Conditioning/ Competitive Activities 


    Unit 7 


    Recreational Games And Activities 


    Unit 8 


    Fitness Testing/Sport Skills/ Cooperative games 


    Unit 9 


    Individual Sports/Fitness Training 


    Unit 10 


    Indoor/Outdoor Activities 


    Unit 11 


    Athletic Prep and Recreation Activities 

    Dress Out: Students are expected to dress out with the appropriate clothing every class period. Appropriate clothing includes   tennis shoes socks, t-shirt (w/ school appropriate logo). Sweats allowed during their Physical Education Class. Acceptable shoes are a type of gym shoe, which supports the feet well and cushions the sole on hard impact.  No Crocs, Cleats, spikes, sandals, or shoes with black soles allowed on the gym floor.    


    Grade Policy:All students are expected to participate in their physical education classes.  The students are graded in four (4) major areas: 

    1.  Participation – Effort made in the activity and willingness to try. 

    1.  Skills – Each student is graded on the improvement made from the beginning   to the end of the unit. 

    1.  Knowledge – Each student is responsible for the rules and regulations of each activity. 

    1.  Sportsmanship – The student’s attitude towards others and his/hers sense of fair play. 



    Each week the students will receive two (2) grades.  One will be for participation and the other grade will be for dressing out.  The participation and dressing will count as 50% of the daily grade. Their test grade (skills or written) will count as 40% of their daily grade. The students' will journal throughout the semester.  The journal will count towards the student’s grade. 


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    Lockers/ Baskets and Locks: Students will be assigned a locker and a lock.  Only school locks are allowed.  Students are expected to lock up their items during class as well as, when they leave for the day.  Students DO NOT share their lockers or their combination with anyone else. The students will be charged a replacement fee for lost locks. Lost or stolen locks are the responsibility of the student.  


    **To help alleviate lost jewelry, we suggest sending a small container or zip lock bag to use for storage inside the locker**  

    Students will have an option of taking or declining a lock. Students who do not take a lock WILL NOT be given a locker. Please indicate on the signature page if you will be accepting or declining a lock.


    **The coaches will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.** 


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    Excuses and Doctors Notes:If a student needs to be excused from participating in P.E. class, they may bring a written note from home.  Please specify the number of days a student should be excused.   If no number is specified, the note will be good for one day only.  A parent’s note will only be accepted for three consecutive days.  After this time, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse them from participating. All notes must be dated.  


    Attendance and Tardies: Students must be in the dressing room/gym when the tardy bell rings. Failure to do this will be counted as tardy.  Students will have five minutes following the tardy bell to continue dressing for class. Attendance will be taken in the designed area by the coach.  After the activity is completed, students will be given time to change back into their school attire.  The students will be released when the bell rings. 


    Health and Safety: All injuries/accidents of any size must be reported to physical education teacher for the purpose of immediate first aid care.  A parent must note any physical condition, which could/would affect one’s performance, and the school nurse should be notified  


    Students who are asthmatic should have the proper documentation and medication on file with the school nurse and should take needed medicine prior to class. All other medical conditions should be document and follow similar procedures.  


    General Rules and Regulations for Physical Education: 


    1. Gum, Candy, Food, Sodas, and glass items are not allowed in the gym/locker room. 

    1. Cell phones are NOT allowed out in the gym or Locker room at any time during the class period. Cell phones need to be either locked in the student’s locker or put away with other personal belongings out of others reach. 

    1. Running and general horseplay is not allowed in the dressing room or during none activity times. 

    1. Students are NOT required to take showers. If as student chooses to do so please make proper arrangements with coach and bring the necessary items such as towel, soap, and shampoo. 

    1. Jewelry- Students should remove all jewelry for safety reasons during their PE class.  If your child chooses to wear jewelry in their P.E. class it is at their discretion however, coaches will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or injury to them or any other student. 

    1. Failure to participate, the student will receive a zero for their daily percentage in participation.   

    1. Failure to dress out due to an injury or improperly dressed students will receive an alternate assignment. 


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