• Teacher Advisor: Marsha Burrows, Danny Yarrito, Rose Turk, Laura Estrada, and Ainsley Miller

    Meeting Dates and Time:  Monday afternoons, from 3 – 4:15, beginning Monday October 3.

    Description: This year Wortham Oaks will have its first ever Drama Club open to 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th grade students. Members will learn about theater and musical theater performance. This includes all aspects of performance, from staging, stagehands, prop handling, set design, sound, lighting, costuming, makeup, acting, singing, and performing.

    Performances:  Drama Club members will perform for the Winter Holiday Program in December and for a Musical Production of The Lion King, Kids, in May.

    Students wishing to participate in Drama Club must sign up by completing a commitment form. Parents should plan to attend a meeting prior to the beginning of club meetings in October. Club members must be committed to participating for the entire year and all rehearsals are mandatory. Students attending drama club must be picked up punctually at 4:15. Failure to be picked up by an authorized adult on more than two occasions will result in the student being removed from the Drama Club.