• Teacher Advisor: K. Zapata

    Meeting Dates and Time: G.L.O.W. will meet every other Wednesday 6:50-7:25 AM in the counseling class/sci lab in the downstairs purple pod. 

    There will be after-school opportunities to participate in GLOW (Ex: Fall Carnival)

    Which will require parent transportation.

    GLOW(Great Leaders of Wortham) is a student leadership group open to 3rd-6th Grades at this time.  

    Description: Student Leadership Action Team

    -Assist Prek students at arrival                           -Leader in Me 7 Habit Student Demo

    -Handling & Display Flags                                    -New Student Tours

    -Campus Beautification Crew                              -Assist with School Events

    -Assist Librarian, Front Office, PreK                    -Assist with Lunch Detail

    -Assist Peers with concerns                                 -Bully Prevention & Campus Safety


    GLOW Team members will need to commit to grade level Wednesday meetings, maintain a B or better average, and commit to no disciplinary or bullying referrals.