• Metzger Girls PE Syllabus  

    Purpose: The purpose of physical education is to teach students the basic skills and rules of sports, leisure activities, proper nutrition, and safety. The mental, social, and emotional benefits of physical education become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged. Students learn how to work in team/group settings to accomplish a common goal. 


    1. Metzger PE Uniform $20. All sales of uniform go through myschoolbucks.com. NO CASH, CHECKS, OR MONEY ORDERS. Other options include purchasing a plain grey t shirt and navy-blue shorts from places such as Wal mart, Academy, Dick’s, Ross, or other stores. Shirts must be full length and have sleeves and shorts must be at least mid-thigh or longer. Sweats will also be allowed.  

    1. Proper shoes: Running/Tennis shoes are appropriate for Physical Education activities. Due to the nature of Physical Education boots, Crocs, Vans, Sandals, Heels, and bare feet will not be accepted.  

    1. Deodorant and any other hygiene items. 

    1. Water Bottle. 

    Classroom Procedures: 

    1. Students will have 8 minutes after the bell to enter locker-room and begin dressing out for class. 

    1. Once timer goes off, students will go to the gym and sit on their assigned spot for attendance and warm-ups. Students who are not on their spot when coach takes attendance will be marked absent or tardy for that class period. 

    1. Students will engage in activity for the day. 

    1.  Students will have 5-7 minutes at the end of class to get dressed back into school clothes before being dismissed to their next class period. 

    1. Student MUST ask to use the restroom or to go the nurse. Student may not leave any where during class without asking their respective coach. 

    Gymnasium/Locker Room Expectations: 

    1. Gum, Candy, Food, Sodas, and glass items are not allowed in the gym/locker room. 

    1. Cell Phones are NOT allowed out in the gym or locker room at anytime during the class period. 

    1. Running and horse play is not prohibited in locker room and/or during none activity times. 

    1. Students may only enter the coach’s office with permission. (knock before entering) 

    1. Restrooms are for restroom usage only.  

    1. Showers are off limits unless you are showering/washing off. Students may use the showers during dress out time. They must inform their respective coach the day BEFORE or BEFORE the class period begins. Student must prove they have all items needed to shower. (soap, towel, shower shoes etc.)  


     Fitness Gram: All students in PE will participate in the Fitness Gram fitness testing. Students in a full year of each class will take the test twice. Students in only half a semester will take the test once. 


    Participation: All students are expected to participate in all activities to the best of their abilities. Students are not expected to be perfect, however, they are expected to try and give effort. Students who do not participate will receive a participation grade of a “0” for the day. Students not dressed out will engage with an alternate activity/assignment. Students may only sit out if they have a doctor’s/nurses note. 

    Grading Policy: 

    Daily Grades – 

    Dressing Out: 40% 

    Participation: 60% 

    Baskets/Locks: Students will be assigned a basket and a lock to keep all their belongings during class. Students should keep their locks on their baskets locked while not in the locker room. Students should also keep lock combinations to themselves and not allow access to anyone 

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