• Attendance Procedures at VMHS

    • A parent must provide a note that explains the reason for the absence within 5 school-days after the student returns to school.  
    • A student absent for more than 3 consecutive days because of a personal illness must bring a statement from a doctor or health clinic.
    • Proper documentation is necessary to correctly code absences.


    How Can Parents Help

    • Stay in constant communication with your child's campus.  Make sure they know when absences are necessary for your child.  There are many resources the campus can refer to you that may assist families in a crisis
    • Review Judson ISD’s school calendar and, whenever possible, schedule health care appointments and family trips/vacations before or after school, or during school breaks or holidays. 
    • Switch between morning and afternoon appointments so that your child doesn’t miss the same class all the time.
    • Attend tutoring sessions anytime instructional time is lost due to attendance.