Bus Registration


    Transportation requires ALL STUDENTS to be registered to ride a bus every school year. Registration will help to identify who is riding a Judson ISD School Bus. Registration will help to identify who is riding a Judson ISD School Bus.  Timeline of registration will be sent out via the Transportation website, JISD website, and social media platforms.  A link from Travel Tracker will be sent out to all parents' email addresses noted on the Skyward Registration.  

    All students riding a bus must register to ride online using the link: https://routing.app-garden.com/judsontx or at the Main Terminal Building Monday-Friday, 10 am to 12 pm. Registrations will be processed and parents will receive a bus schedule by email from Travel Tracker in 3 to 5 business days. 

    All students 5th grade going to 6th grade as well as 8th grade going to 9th grade must register in person at the Transportation Main Terminal Building.

    After you have registered your student using the link above, download the BusQuest App.  For instructions, click BusQuest App - Parent Guide. Email Notifications through Travel Tracker are currently being sent out to update parents and administrators when there are bus changes, new bus schedules, and bus delays.

    Transportation is provided if the following requirements are met:

    • The student must live more than two (2) miles from their assigned school as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads from the student's home to school.
    • The student must reside in the district and in the attendance area of the school they attend. 
    • Enrolled in Special Programs listed below.

    Special Forms Required for Transportation:

    • Aerospace
    • LEP-Dual Language (Bilingual Programs)
    • CTE (Career & Technology)
    • JECA
    • JLA
    • JSTEM
    • Special Education (IEP Required)
    • TSTEM

    Students in Special Programs must register their students at the Transportation Main Terminal Building. 

    Transportation receives all student information from the schools during a download process at 3 am. If your information is wrong, contact the school. 

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Transportation Routing Department at 210-945-1257.