• MakerSpace

    What is it?

    A Makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, problem solve, and use critical thinking while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowl

    edge. Makerspaces are collaborative spaces that inspire and empower students to create, tinker, invent and learn new skills by making. They are characterized by hands-on learning opportunities where students can explore materials and resources to make personally meaningful projects.

    When can students use it?

    The Hopkins Library Makerspace is open for student use during their free time at lunch and recess every Monday from 10:30am-12:30

    students using coding mouse

    pm. In addition, teachers can reserve the Makerspace anytime on Mondays or Tues-Friday from 2:00-2:55pm. Library lessons throughout the week also integrate aspects of the Makerspace.

    What learning tools and supplies are available?

    - Paper and Craft Supplies

    - Robotics Tools

    - Building kits

    - Board Games

    How can I help?

    Donations of craft supplies and building materials such as origami paper, legos, beads, blocks, etc. are always welcome. Volunteers can also help with keeping the space organized and creating 'Grab and Go' activity kits.

    Can teachers use it?

    Absolutely! Teachers can 'check out' the whole MakerSpace any Monday and other open library times. Kits and supplies from the MakerSpace can also be borrowed to use in the classroom.