• Classroom Expectations: 

    1. Come to class on time and be prepared with materials. 
    2. Be in your seat when the bell rings. 
    3. Once seated, begin work on the warm up.
    4. Raise your hand to ask a question. 
    5. Be kind to your classmates.  
    6. Use electronics ONLY with permission from the teacher 
    7. Do not distract others from learning. 
    8. Complete all the work and turn it in on time. 
    9. Follow all WHMS rules and policies while in class. 


    Classroom Rules: 

    1. Be polite and respectful
    2. Follow directions and lab safety rules
    3. Come to class prepared 
    4. Participate in class 
    5. Enjoy learning 


    Classroom Consequences: 

    1. Consequence 1- WARNING: This is your chance to change your behavior without getting in trouble 
    2. Consequence 2-BEHAVIOR SHEET AND SEAT CHANGE: This is your chance to regroup & reflect away from the situation 
    3. Consequence 3-PARENT OR GUARDIAN CONTACT: Contact will be made to solve the situation & prevent it from happening again 
    4. Consequence 4-REFERRAL: Your behavior is unacceptable & needs to be addressed