Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Knight

ELRA 8th Grade | 7th Grade Head Volleyball Coach | Assistant Track & Field Coach 

Greetings, dear students of the 2023-2024 8th Grade ELRA! I am Ms. Knight, and I feel a deep sense of privilege to play a role in nurturing and guiding our students toward success.
As a proud San Antonio native and Kirby Middle School alum, my educational journey led me to Texas Southern University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice with a minor in Forensic Science. Now, you might be curious about why I chose the path of teaching. Allow me to share that it stems from a lifelong desire to make a positive impact in my community. From my early years, I envisioned being the change I wished to see, and through mentoring and advocacy, my purpose crystallized.
Our youth embody not only our future but also the very essence of hope and prosperity. Guiding these young minds became my calling. My mission is to foster a positive and supportive environment, enabling our students to flourish both within and beyond the classroom.
On the athletic front, my journey includes a natural talent for track & field, starting my athletic endeavors at the age of 7. As a former varsity athlete in both Track & Field and Volleyball at Karen Wagner High School, I declined a full-ride scholarship to West Point Military Academy, choosing instead to focus on education and personal development. My post-college experience as the Director of Athlete Relations in Miami, Florida, provided additional tools to prepare our students for their roles as student-athletes.
To my uniquely created students, I extend a warm welcome filled with love, kindness, and the utmost respect. To my courageous and passionate parents, I express gratitude for entrusting me with your precious gifts. I encourage you to explore the materials provided, giving you a glimpse of what to expect and prepare for in the upcoming school year.
Without further ado, let our prosperous journey together commence!