The Leadership Officer Training Corps (LOTC) program prepares students for responsible leadership roles, while making them aware of their individual responsibilities and privileges as an American Citizen. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from Middle School to High School and provides instruction and rewarding opportunities which will benefit the Cadets, school, community, the city of San Antonio and the United States. 

    In LOTC, Cadets will learn discipline, planning, organizing, teamwork and leadership. These skills will make them successful in their academic, personal and professional lives. We encourage cadets to be dreamers, as dreams turn into goals, goals turn into meaningful work, and hard work produces success. 

    In times of challenge, those that care, do not stand idle. In partnership with Karen Wagner High School JROTC Program, LOTC is working to help young people to reach their full potential. The pressures of contemporary urban life can be enormous. Crime, gang warfare, unemployment, and drug addiction can leave an indelible mark on our youth. The problems do not end at the city limits. No matter what the geographical setting, teens, and parents are often in conflict. In many instances, the root cause of the problems can be traced to sheer boredom. Good kids with nothing to do won't stay good for long. No one program can single-handedly reverse the ills which poverty, violence, or even sheer boredom can impose. 

    Metzger Middle School Leadership Officer Training Corps program began on July 12, 2021 under the direction of CPT Adreaell Tywan Ray Sr. The Metzger Middle School LOTC program started with approximately 100 Cadets and is always looking for ways to increase enrollment. The Cadets will participate in numerous parades and community service activities: to include Veterans Day Parade, Wreaths Across America, Battle of Flowers Parade, Fiesta Flambeau, Martin Luther King Jr March, LOTC Jamboree and other planned school events. Additionally, LOTC will participate in competitions against other LOTC programs. 

    Course Title: Leadership Officer Training Corps (LOTC) 

    Course Description: The LOTC program is a citizenship awareness, leadership development, and organizational management, "learning by doing", course of instruction. To accomplish this mission, the program of instruction (POI) includes courses in citizenship, leadership, basic drills and numerous others, designed for cadets to succeed in middle school and prepare for high school. 

    Mission: To motivate young people to accept responsibility, be accountable for their actions and exemplify good citizenship. 

    Purpose: To build character and develop young people as leaders and promote a sense of accountability and responsibility. 


    1. Develop Leadership and promote patriotism. 
    2. Develop informed and responsible citizens with basic knowledge of the US Constitution. 
    3. Strengthen character and integrity. 
    4. Develop self-discipline, responsibility, and a positive response to constituted authority. 
    5. Encourage and assist young people to remain Drug Free. 
    6. Encourage and teach young people how education will support their future goals.  
    7. Learn the importance of diet and of physical fitness to maintain good health.  
    8. Develop basic skills necessary to work effectively as a team member.  
    9. Provide young people a pathway to transition into high school.  
    10. Promote self-confidence and self-esteem. 
    11. Learn to think logically and to communicate effectively with emphasis on oral  communication.



    1. Citizenship in Action 
    2. Leadership Theory & Application 
    3. Foundations for Success 
    4. Drill & Ceremony 
    5. Physical Fitness 
    6. Wellness Citizenship in American History & Government 


    Male (In Uniform) 

    1. Hair will be clean and cut to present a neat, groomed appearance and not touch the ears or the shirt collar. 
    2. Earrings will not be worn. 
    3. Hair will not be worn in extreme or fad style such as a Mohawk, ducktail, or braids; fad hair coloring is not authorized. 
    4. No visual appearance of piercing on face, nose, or tongue, or as deemed by the Army Instructor. 

    Female (In Uniform) 

    1. Hair will be clean, neatly arranged and styled to present a professional feminine appearance.
    2. Hair will not be worn in an extreme or fad style. 
    3. Hair will not be worn with ornaments such as ribbons, jeweled pins, etc. however,  

         plain barrettes to hold hair in place are appropriate. 

    1. Fingernails will not be painted in a fad style or color. Light pink or other natural “clear” colors are acceptable. Black is not authorized. 
    2. Small conservative gold, white, or silver colored round pierced or clip earrings may be worn. When worn, earrings must fit tightly against the ear and will not extend below the earlobe. Only one (1) earring or healing post may be worn in each earlobe.



    1. The cadet's LOTC grade is based on a percentage of all grades a cadet receives as explained below: 


    • Academic Grade: 50% for exams, current events, quizzes, Gradebook and written assignments. Part of the daily grade is class attendance and class participation. Make-up work must be completed within two class days after the assignment is due. Unexcused tardiness and absences adversely affect grades. Students will receive a daily max percentage grade of 20% totaling a max grade of 100% for a five-day school week.  If  the school week is 4 days, the max grade per day will be 25%, totaling to a 100% max weekly grade. 
    • Uniform Inspection and Drill 50% Each inspection grade is based upon the cadet wearing the proper uniform on inspection day and ability to conduct/participate during in-rank inspections. Uniform Inspection is held on Thursday of every week.
    • LOTC uniform ( black pants, black shoes, LOTC shirt, and black belt with gold buckle). LOTC spirit shirts can be worn on applicable Fridays. 
    • Bonus/Extra-credit Grade: Additional credit will be given when a cadet participates in school or community activities (Parades, bake sale, Wreaths Across America, Fiesta Flambeau, charities, etc....). 

    Letter-numerical grading system:

     A: 90 - 100 

     B: 80 - 89 

     C: 70 - 79 

     F: 69 and lower 


    Promotion Criteria: cadets will be promoted to a leadership position based upon the whole cadet concept (everything about the cadet is considered), and the recommendation of the cadet's chain of command. The cadet's performance in school, LOTC activities, contributions to community events and commitment; position vacancy, and leadership qualities displayed with ability are among the criteria evaluated/considered for selection for a leadership position. The LOTC Instructor is the final promotion/demotion authority.  



    1. To ensure a proper learning environment, the following discipline plan will be used this school year. When in class, cadets will comply with these and other published/announced rules and policies:


    • Obey LOTC student leadership with the guidance given by the LOTC Instructor
    • Follow all instructions and directions the first time given. 
    • Bring all necessary books and materials to class. 
    • Be in the assigned place/position by the time class is scheduled to begin. 
    • Cadets will raise their hand when asking / answering a question. 
    • Comply with established school and LOTC rules, policies, and procedures.
    • Infractions can result in additional makeup work. 
    1. The following consequences apply to any violation of the rules/procedures/policies, the Cadet will: 
    • First Violation: verbally counseled and violation annotated 
    • Second Violation: grade deduction and parent notified by LOTC Instructor 
    • Third Violation: be referred immediately to the Assistant Principal for disciplinary action 


    • LOTC t-shirt (will be purchased from LOTC Instructor) 
    • Pants ALL BLACK, no other colors on the pants: No skinny jeans, leggings, tights, or jogger pants— preferred (Dickies brand (model 874 - male, model 774 - female)
    • Shoes ALL BLACK, no other colors on the shoes
    • Socks ALL BLACK, no other colors on the socks
    • Belt ALL BLACK
    • 1 pack of lined paper (100 sheets) 3 holes 
    • 1 folder with 3 rings 
    • 1 composition notebook 
    • 1 PACK OF #2 PENCIL 

    NOTE: LOTC uniform will be worn on Inspection Day, parades/marches, off-campus events and events identified by the LOTC Instructor (on these days No skinny jeans, leggings, tights, or jogger pants allowed). 


    LOTC Honor Code 


    I am an LOTC cadet. 

    I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, community, school and the LOTC Corps. 

    I will always tell the truth, no matter what the consequences are. 

    I do not lie, cheat or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds. 

    I will respect the dignity, personal property, and privacy of my fellow cadets. 

    I will report any violations of the cadet Creed, school policies, or other wrongdoing to my LOTC instructor or proper authority. 

    I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism. 

    I am the future of the United States of America. 


    LOTC Motto: One Team! One Goal! 

    Metzger Motto: Enter to Learn, Leave to Lead