• There will be 9 units covered this year in regular Science Class. There will NOT be a 7th grade Science STAAR this year.  The information covered will appear on their culminating 8th grade Science STAAR.

    0: Lab processes/safety

    1: Cell Structure & Function

    2: Body Systems

    3: Plant Systems

    4: Genetics

    5: Pland & Animal Adaptations

    6: Flow of Energy (food chains/webs)

    7: Organisms & Environments (biomes)

    8: Earth Systems (changes to the Earth)

    9: Solar System (humans in space)

  • There will be 9 units covered this year in honors/GT/TAG Science Class. The students WILL take the 8th grade Science STAAR at the end of this year.  The units covered are:

    0: Lab safety/processes

    1. Flow of energy (Food chain/webs)

    2. Atoms, energy, & periodic table

    3. Chemical reactions, changes and observations

    4. Energy resources (renewable/non-renewable)

    5. Energy transformations

    6. Thermal tnergy

    7. Potential and kinetic energy

    8: Force and motion

    9: Interdependence among living systems (biotic/abiotic factors, ocean health, environmental changes, etc.)