Anniversary Silver Grant

  • 1. Eligibility Criteria:

      • Teachers, Staff , and administration of Judson ISD are eligible.
      • Must align with the mission and values of Judson ISD & Judson Education Foundation
      • Projects must be approved by Administrator/Supervisor
      • Projects to be executed for 24-25 school year
      • Project must be purchased and activated by end of school year 24-25
      • Project must benefits Students of Judson ISD
      • Project funds may NOT be used for food, field trips, or parties

    2. Application Period:

      • The application window is open for 25 days, starting Jan 10 and ending Feb 3rd at midnight.

    3. Application Submission:

      • Create a compelling video of two and a half minutes (150 seconds) or less showcasing your initiative. Proposals in any other format will not be reviewed.
      • Highlight the impact of your work and how the grant will contribute to its success.
      • Submit the video via THIS LINK:

    4. Evaluation Criteria:

      • Adherence to the 2.5-minute time limit. Videos over 2.5 minutes will be disqualified
      • Clarity in presenting the initiative’s goals, methods, and outcomes.
      • Demonstrated alignment with Judson Education Foundation’s mission.
      • Creativity and innovation in addressing educational challenges.
      • Potential for significant and sustainable impact.

    5. Selection Process:

      • The committee will assess and score each video based on the evaluation criteria.
      • Top 3 applicants will be selected and notified Jan 7: required to attend the JEF gala on February 9th to showcase their grant to potential donors.
      • Top 3 will return to present proposals to Finalist Panel at end of April 2024
      • Grant Chair will present finalists to JEF Board during May Meeting
      • Winner will be named at the end of May 2024

    6. Grant Utilization:

      • Projects to be projected for implementation during the 2024-2025 school year
      • Grant must be purchased and executed for the specified project outlined in the application by May 2025
      • Projects must be intended to benefit students of Judson ISD

    7. Reporting and Recognition:

      • Top 3 applicants are required to attend the JEF gala on February 9th to showcase their grant to potential donors.
      • Recipients are required to submit progress reports at designated intervals.
      • Acknowledgment of the grant and its impact will be promoted through Judson Education Foundation’s communication channels.