• How We Communicate

    The Judson ISD Communications Department supports and generates internal and external communication for the district that reaches out to all stakeholders within the district and beyond. Our department is essentially composed of five basic elements.

    • Overall internal and external communications
    • Open records requests
    • Multi-media services
    • Business Partnerships and Event Planning
    • Judson Education Foundation

    This department’s services in communications involve disseminating information to employees, students and staff through mass notification messaging, our publications, social media, the district website, two-way communication requests and various video projects.  It also works with the news media regarding stories that pertain to the district through news releases and coverage of JISD events.

    Another component to the overall department is responding to open records requests, also known as Public Information Act submissions. These are written applications for public information as defined by the Texas PIA and as a tax payer-funded state agency, this department facilitates these requests as defined by Texas Law and Judson ISD Board Policy.

    Judson ISD does not operate in a vacuum. It knows that outside businesses and organizations can and do play a big part in supporting our students and teachers. That’s why our department is involved with the private sector in developing those partnerships so that our students and staff have the best chance to succeed, while our participating business partners are connected to some of the best young talent to help them grow the future of their enterprise.

    There are a number of events associated with Judson ISD each year, big and small, that are fun, informative, and that can provide some real connection with our students and staff. That takes planning and our department loves to talk with businesses, volunteers and anyone who has a passion for education and wants to share in supporting our mission through these opportunities.

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