Technology Services

  • The mission of the Technology Services Department is to provide and support technology-based solutions to promote student achievement, enhance staff productivity, and encourage community involvement!

    Technology Services is under the leadership of Bill Atkins, Chief Financial Officer, and is comprised of four departments:

    • Data Services
    • Desktop Services
    • Development Services
    • Network Services

Contact Us

  • LC Malone
    Director of Network Services
    (210) 945-5589
    (210) 945-6915 FAX

    Paul Ritter
    Director of Data Services
    (210) 945-5562
    (210) 945-6915 FAX

    Michael Davis
    Director of Desktop Services
    (210) 945-5553
    (210) 945-6915 FAX

    If you need help with JISD Technology
    210-945-JISD (5473)