Board Member Responsibilities

  • What is the job of your School Board?School Board Room

    Your Board of Trustees' primary task is to establish district policy. It is the administration's job to implement those policies and to supervise the day-to-day operation of the school district. Seven individuals form your Board of Trustees. You elect them to four-year terms for which they receive no compensation. Theirs is a service requiring dedication to the district and to the community.

    Meeting Preparation

    Prior to each meeting, trustees receive extensive background materials on agenda items. By studying this information and asking questions, board members come to the meeting prepared to cast informed votes that will benefit the district's 22,500 students and 3,000+ employees.

    What We Do

    Your Board is responsible for approving personnel actions, expenditures, property acquisitions and sales, school elections, and legal transactions. The Board's sphere of authority encompasses construction and maintenance authorizations, budget approval, bond elections and sales, tax rates, and the taking of bids on materials, equipment, property, insurance and other items.

    By the People and Of the People

    Your Board of Trustees has complete and final authority over the Judson Independent School District. Its only limitations are those imposed by the State of Texas, the federal government, and the will of the citizens of the school district. This will of the people is exercised at the polls and election day each year.


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