Community Input

  • We hope you will find the meetings of the Judson Independent School District's Board of Trustees informative. Please keep in mind that it is a public meeting, not a meeting of the public. All interested persons are invited to observe the proceedings and may address the School Board during the Open Forum portion of the agenda. Presentations are limited to a maximum of three minutes per person, and those wishing to be heard must sign up in the foyer prior to the meeting. Sign up sheets can be given to the Board Secretary prior to the meeting start time. Groups should assign a spokesperson.

    People holding speech bubbles By watching and listening, you will better understand how your school district operates. You will discover where your district is today and more importantly, you will find out where it is headed with regards to curriculum, finances, personnel, communications, facilities, maintenance, transportation, food service, special education, other programs and new initiatives.

    Through your elected officials, you have a voice in the decision making process. In you lies the strength of the Judson Independent School District. We consider what you and others have to say because you offer a unique glimpse into community needs and interests. You know firsthand about the dreams and hopes of our youth.

    Each School Board Member and Administrator invites you to share your insights with them by telephone, letter or personal visit. By letting them know what you're thinking, you will bring to life the U.S. Constitution's opening phrase, "We the people...”.

    We sincerely hope you will visit us again. We, School Board and Administrators, are here to serve you and make a positive impact and memorable difference in the lives of our district's children. They are our future!

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