Transfers Inside the District

  • These questions and answers give information regarding the limitations to and the procedure for students transferring to another school within the district.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get a request form for an intradistrict transfer?

  • Where do I turn in my request form after I have completed it?

  • When can I apply for a transfer?

  • May I apply for any campus?

  • If I am already on an intradistrict transfer, do I need to fill out a request form each school year?

  • Can the campus keep an instradistrict transfer request from being approved?

  • If I have more than one child, may I use the same request form?

  • Can someone living outside Judson ISD boundaries request an intradistrict transfer for a school within Judson ISD?


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    Deputy Superintendent of Student Support Services Secretary


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