What's Happening in Energy Management?

  • Judson ISD Receives $228,087.75 from  CPS Energy’s 2023 Demand Response Program



    Judson ISD Receives $283,236.66 from  CPS Energy’s 2022 Demand Response Program



    Pictured left to right is Chris Ramirez (Director of Maintenance), David Oehler (Energy Manager), Rob Olivares (CPS Energy – Account Rep), Marcelo ‘’Andy” Jimenez (Energy Specialist), Joseph Guidry ( Assistant Superintendent of Operations) and Dr.  Milton Rob Fields (Interim Superintendent ).

    CPS Energy’s Demand Response program has been around for over 10 years. It pays commercial and industrial customers to reduce electricity use during peak energy times in the summer. It runs from June 1 through September 30th and has 142 customers enrolled with over 90 MW of power contracted. Last year, CPS Energy saved over 83 MW through the Demand Response program which equates to power for about 5,000 homes. CPS Energy paid over $5 million to those customers who participated.

    Judson ISD Energy Management Department continues to be a top performer in the program. Last year, Judson ISD averaged over 4 MW resulting in an incentive of $283,237. Judson ISD ranked 2nd out of all the 23 school districts participating in the Demand Response program.

    CPS Energy values the partnership with Judson ISD and looks forward to their participation in the years to come.



    Judson Receives "Outstanding School District Award for 2020" From the Texas Energy Summit

    From: Doug Lewin

    Director Texas Energy Summit

    "School districts use a lot of energy. That energy, with our current mix of electric generation, causes pollution and all of us as taxpayers pay the bills. As many school energy managers say, every dollar they save on energy is a dollar that can go to teachers, books, computers—in a word, learning. Many school districts work hard to reduce these costs and we try to honor at least one each year at the Summit. In recent years we honored the Texas Energy Managers Association for their work to train the energy management workforce, add credentials for these hard working folks, and help school districts save on energy and other utility costs.  Over the last two years, Judson ISD has completed energy efficiency projects that will save them over 440kW (enough to power 60-70 homes on a hot day), and 1.7m kWh annually (equal to about 100 homes over the course of year).  Judson ISD has also been a leader in the CPS Commercial Demand Response program, tallying over 9.9 MW of peak demand curtailment the past two years combined. That is an astounding amount of peak demand for one district. Judson ISD was assisted in achieving these savings by CPS Energy and their partner CLEAResult."   





    Judson ISD Receives $359,696.00 from  CPS Energy’s 2020 Demand Response Program


    • This year our Energy Management Dept. received a Rebate incentive Check for $359,696. Since 2013, Energy Management Dept. has received $2,835,711.00 in incentives to be returned to the district. 

    • CPS has informed us we are one of the top performers in Bexar County.

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