Classroom Rules and Policies

  • Mrs. Baker’s Positive Behavior Management Plan

    Students are expected to follow school rules at all times during the day.

    Students will begin everyday with the color green for conduct.

    They will flip their card for for misbehavior after 2 verbal warnings.

    Physically hurting someone or spitting to solve problems will be an automatic flip to RED.  Severe inappropriate behaviors such as physical aggressive fighting, throwing or flipping furniture, and destroying learning environment will be immediately referred to the office.

    A daily conduct will be recorded on their agenda. A breakdown of conduct grades is:

    Green (Excellent Day)

    Yellow (1 infraction)

    Orange (2 infractions)

    Red (Phone call 3 infractions)

    Blue (Office referral)

    Students will have the opportunity to flip their card back to the previous color if they display excellent behavior before it gets to Red. 

    Daily rewards for positive behavior include stickers and special activities.


    School Rules:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Present

    Be Safe