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    Ms. Black’s Positive Behavior Management Plan

    Students are expected to follow classroom rules and school rules at all times during the day.

    Students will begin everyday with the color green for conduct and being on time.

    They will receive 2 verbal warnings or redirection to correct behavior. On the 3rd warning they will be instructed to flip their card to yellow and their consequence will be 5 minute recess time out.

    If the undesired behavior continues they will be redirected 2 more times and then on the 3rd warning they will be instructed to flip their card to orange . They will receive another consequence.  It will include missing 10 min of recess. A child who continues to display inappropriate behaviors will flip their card to red, miss entire 15 minutes of recess and parents will be notified.

    Physically hurting someone or spitting to solve problems will be an automatic flip to BLUE.  Severe inappropriate behaviors such as physical aggressive fighting, throwing or flipping furniture, and destroying learning environment will be immediately referred to the office.

    A daily conduct will be recorded on their agenda. A breakdown of conduct grades is:

    Green (Excellent Day)

    Yellow (1 infraction)

    Orange (2 infractions)

    Red (Phone call 3 infractions)

    Blue (Office referral)

    Students will have the opportunity to flip their card back to the previous color if they display excellent behavior before it gets to Red.  Once they earn red, it will be documented.