• Class Schedule

            7:00 – 7:40     Breakfast in classroom / Social centers

            7:40 – 8:20     Community circle / Morning message/ Bathroom break

            8:20 – 9:05     Specials / Bathroom break

            9:15 – 10:15     Math

            10:15 – 11:20   Lunch / Recess / Bathroom break

            11:20 – 1:30     ELA / Phonics / Writing workshop / Daily 5 / Guided reading

            1:30 – 2:30      Science / Social studies / Snacks

            2:30                Pack up / Start dismissal


    Library -                 Friday / 12:30 – 1:00

    Gym -                      Tuesday and Wednesday

    Computer -              Thursday

    Music -                    Friday


    For math, we do a whole class meeting to discuss the calendar, the number of the day and our focus lesson.  

    For math stations, or Guided Math,  the students choose from 5 different stations to go to and they work with partners or independentally. They are:

        1.  Construction   (Geoboards, Dominoes, Legos, etc)

        2.  Numeracy (Writing numbers, making numbers with play dough, number identification)

        3.  Composing/Decomposing numbers (addition, subtraction activities)

        4.  Computers

        5.  Work with the teacher


    Information about ELA block.  ELA is English and Language Arts.  

    In this time, we learn about letters, phonics, sight words, rhyming and poems.  During writer's workshop, we write.  We learn how to label our pictures, how to listen to the sounds and write the letters that make those sounds, and write stories. 

    Daily Five includes these components:

         Read to Self - The students choose their "just right" books to put in their book bins.  They read to self by looking at the pictures in the stories, making up the stories, reading the words, finding the sight words and also retelling the stories.  


        Read with Someone - The students choose a responsible, engaging friend to read together.  They sit Elbow-elbow; Knee-knee (EEKK) and they read together.


        Work on Writing -  Students have their own composition journal books and they write during the time.  They have different choices that they can write about - letters, lists, cards and stories. 


        Phonics/Word Work -  Students use this center to work on letter identification, making words, rhyming activities and CVC words.  This center is focused on using manipulatives and also writing.  


        Listen to Reading -  Students use the computers to listen to stories and books.  Starfall is a phenomenal website to learn letters/sounds and reading.  


    While the students are working on their Daily 5 activities, I am working with small group and working on letters/sounds/rhyming and also reading.  I will begin pulling groups the late of September/early October.