Policies and Procedures

  • Policies and Procedures 



    • No cell phones out without permission
    • No charging cell phones during class time
    • Be on time and seated in assigned seat
    • No eating or drinking in class
    • Use of foul language is not permitted
    • Clean tables before leaving class
    • Remain seated until bell ring (DO NOT LINE UP AT DOOR)
    • No sleeping during class time
    • Must sign out if leaving room
    • Limit bathroom time to no more than 5 minutes




    Like the classroom rules, the procedures of a classroom are just as important so students are aware of how they are expected to complete certain tasks throughout the school day.


    Behavior for entering the classroom:

    • Enter the room by walking.
    • Pick up journals/binders
    • Begin assignment posted on overhead or board. (10 minutes).


    Leaving the room:

    • If you need to go to the restroom, make a “thumbs-up” symbol in the air and wait for a response from the teacher. You must sign out when leaving and sign in when you return. (NO More than 5 minutes). You must have a restroom pass before leaving.
    • If you need to leave the classroom for any other reason, raise your hand and wait for the teacher to respond.

    When a student is absent:

    • When a student is absent, they are responsible for completing the work that was missed. The work will be in the day you missed folder under the student center board at the front of the classroom or you may check Google Classroom.

    Answering a question during a discussion:

    • To answer a question you must raise your hand to be called on, unless otherwise suggested.
    • You need to wait to be called on so only one person is talking at a time.