• Student Expectations:

    Students are expected to be punctual, prepared, positive, and persistent. Students should have good attendance, should be respectful of both the teacher and the other students in the classroom, should be diligent in completing their work, and should demonstrate responsibility as they maintain their notebooks and personal records.

    Classroom Policies:

    • Be prompt to class, seated at desk before the bell rings.
    • Be prepared to work EVERYDAY with ALL necessary materials.  
    • Be polite at ALL times.
    • Be respectful of people and property.
    • Keep food, candy, and drinks out of the classroom.

    Computer Lab Rules:

    • Access only the software being studied in class
    • Always exit your software correctly. Log off at the end of the class period
    • Save your work often to prevent loss
    • Return materials to their correct place after each use
    • Notify the teacher at the beginning of class if anything is wrong with your computer
    • Keep your workstation clean and neat at all times. 
    • Use only your assigned workstation
    • These are not permitted in labs: food, candy, drinks, gum, makeup, nail polish or hairspray