• Cell phones and headphones/earbuds must be out of sight at all times.

    Have all your materials

    Come prepared. This means practicing outside of class.

    Pay Attention.

    Lead by example and be kind.

    Respect others and their property.

    No food, drink, or gum except water.

    Come to make music and work hard!



    1. Enter classroom. Voices at normal volume, please!

    2. Drop backpacks, purses, cell phones, and headphones in cubbies, then set up the chairs and stand for your section, if necessary.

    3. Retrieve your instrument, music, and pencil from storage and unpack on the counters by the cubbies. Cello and bass cases go back on the cello and bass racks.

    4. Find your seat and tune your instrument. 

    5. Warm up using scales, etudes, then pieces. 

    6. Wait for further instructions.