1. No cheating. EVER.  Not just my class, but also others.  I notice.


    1. No food or drinks, period.


    1. No passes, emergency only. Tell me where you need to go and go there.  I always check.


    1. Respect Property. This is a biggie- these include, but are not limited to:
    • Excessive rolling
    • Writing on the desks
    • Projectiles
    • Trash
    • Feet on the desks or other chairs
    • Changing/loading ANYTHING on ANY computer EVER
    • Leave the junk on my desk alone
    • On occasion - The radio comes on and off as you work. I pick the station so you can be mad at me and I do not get a headache.


    1. Respect Each Other
    • No putdowns to self or others- TEAMWORK
    • You are expected to be able to work with everyone in this room with a terrific attitude.
    • Know and use the names of your classmates.


    1. About Instruction
    • Do not interrupt me or anyone else that is speaking
    • Sleeping not an option- that’s why you get to go home at 4:30, do it there
    • Bring your supplies.


    1. Late work accepted as indicated in your student handbook.


    1. Call be by my name.  My name is not just "Miss".


    1. Know that you can reach me at the following locations to get your assignments. Please be responsible and get in touch with me.  It’s not your parent’s job.
    • 210-662-5000
    • tjordan@judsonisd.org


    1. I follow school rules, ask anyone. I expect you to follow them too.


    Finally …   It really isn’t that difficult to figure me out.  I like a clean and orderly room and students that have a good attitude. 

    Now that I’ve got this out of the way, let’s have a great year!