• DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES:  ***Extreme situations can create exceptions in the process.

    1. Verbal Warning                                                                                                                                                           
    2. Student/teacher conference                                                                    
    3. Phone call to parent/coaches/sponsors
    4. Referral to Office

    FOOD/DRINK/CANDY in CLASSROOM:  Students may not consume these items in the classroom.  This is Campus Policy- with the exception of bottled clear water.

    USE OF ELECTRONICES:  NO CELL  PHONES.    They must be off, or on silent mode and out of sight.  In an emergency, parents should contact the front office.  IPods, and other devices will not be allowed.  No Exceptions, unless allowed for a class activity.       


    Before you speak:  THINK

                                  T- Is it True

                                  H -Is it Helpful

                                  I - Is it Inspiring

                                  N - Is it Necessary

                                  K - Is it Kind