• PE Rules & Policy

    For each non-dress period, the student will receive a zero for their daily grades consisting of dressing out and participation. The student will still be required to participate in an activity if they do not dress out in proper uniform and shoes.

    • 1st offense - Student will receive a zero for dressing out/participation.
    • 2nd offense - Student will receive a zero for dressing out/participation along with
    •                                     their parents being notified.
    • 3rd offense - Student will receive a zero and automatically have an office referral.

    Tardiness - Students will have five (5) minutes after the tardy bell to get dressed and be in roll call line.

    • 1st offense - Student will have push-ups.
    • 2nd offense - Student will have push-ups and a parent phone call.
    • 3rd offense - Student will have an automatic office referral.

    Gum, food, or any drinks will not be allowed into the gym or locker room.

    No disruptive behavior/profanity in class.

    No cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices may be used in the gym.

    No grooming in class (hair, make-up, nails, perfume, body spray)

    Students MAY NOT bring their own equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)

    No backpacks, gym bags, or purses are allowed in the gym.

    Furthermore, students are expected to observe all rules in the student handbook.