• Classroom Rules:

    In addition to the rules, regulations and procedures set forth in the Veterans Memorial High School Student/Parent Handbook, the following rules will be emphasized in our classroom:

    1. Be Respectful: Respect yourself, your peers, your school, all staff and your teacher.  I, too, promise to respect your opinions and needs.  We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such.
    2. Be Responsible: YOU are responsible for your actions.  YOU are responsible for their consequences. 
    3. Be Prepared: Bring book, paper, pencil, homework, notes, etc. every day, and be ready to work. 
    4. Be on Time: This means in your seat, pencil sharpened and homework turned in before the tardy bell rings.  (Remember that you can be sent to court and fined if you have excessive tardies and absences!!!!!)
    5. I dismiss the class, not the bell. The class will only be dismissed when all the trash is picked up off the floor, calculators have been accounted for, and everyone is seated.


    *  Absolutely no FOOD, DRINKS, CELL PHONES or other ELECTRONIC DEVICES (tablets, GameBoy’s, PSP’s, MP3’s, iPod’s, etc.) are allowed in class!!!!  These items may be confiscated and may be turned over to the office. Claiming these items may require a parental conference.


    Failure to follow the rules will result in verbal warning from the teacher, and/or contacting the parent/guardian, and/or administrative action.