• Class Rules 
    1.    Be on time to class. (School tardy policies will apply.)
    2.    Bring your own instrument to class and a pencil.  Store instruments in lockers during the day and take them home at night!
    3.    Every student will receive a 3 ring 1” binder the first week of school.  It is your responsibility to bring it to every rehearsal. DO NOT rely on your stand partner to have a folder to use.  I will be checking for the first few weeks of school to see if you are bringing it to class.  Points will be deducted if you do not have your binder.
    4.    Absolutely NO FOODDRINK, or GUM in the orchestra room or on stage.  Bathroom breaks need to be taken care of prior to class.  Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during class rehearsal.
    5.    You are in charge of your own disciplineBe quiet during rehearsals. A participation grade will be given for each day and discipline is considered a part of your participation along with tardies and being prepared for class. When other sections are rehearsing study your parts.
    6.    Remember that all concerts are required!  The calendar you received today is subject to change but all the concerts are set now and you need to clear all work schedules.  There are make-up assignments for both concerts and dress rehearsals, please notify me in advance with an email prior to the orchestra activity (if there is an emergency, I will take that into consideration).
    7.    Make-up Assignments/ Extra Credit: A student may earn extra credit by attending a non - V.M.H.S. orchestra concert. To receive credit the student will need the concert critique rubric before attending the performance. Return the written critique, rubric and the program from the concert to Mrs. Rabago.

    Turn in your make-up work.  Please turn in all make-up work to Mrs. Rabago  If you are participating in a UIL event such as a game or meet which conflicts with a concert you will not have to do a make-up assignment but as a courtesy please notify Mrs. Rabago in advance by email.  Please understand it takes every person to make a good performance.  I will try to work with each of you on an individual basis concerning conflicts.  However, I do expect everyone to make arrangements to be at UIL Concert and Sight-reading Competition.  There should be no excuses even for other school events.

    8.    Uniforms:  There is a JISD uniform usage fee.   The fee will be $40.00 per year.  Please bring in your usage fee as soon as possible. You are responsible for their upkeep.  Please do not put them in lockers or leave them in the trunk of your car.  Dry clean as needed.
    Girls need black shoes with a low heel.

    Boys will need black shoes and black socks.

    9.    GRADING:  You will be tested as needed for chairing and progress.  Each week you receive a participation grade. Participation and weekly grades will be determined by your work ethic each week in class.  There will be writing assignments given periodically during class.

    60% Daily Grades
    50% Tests/Major Projects

    70 and above is passing

    Eligibility is required for:
    1.   Region
    2.   UIL Solo and Ensemble
    3.   UIL Concert and Sight-reading
    4.   Trips
    Eligibility and Trips: A date will be given for the final payment for the trip.  You will be given a contract which gives the payment due dates.  There will be no refunds after that date. If you discover that you have failed after that date you will forfeit ALL money toward your trip and it will not carry over to the following year.

    10.   Instruments: Students may use the school cellos in class. Those students who do not have their own cellos will be checked out a cello to take home.  Violas are available for checkout.  Bass students will be provided a bass at school and one at home for the single usage fee.  I only have a few violins for students to rent. The violins are rented on a first come first serve basis. There is a charge of $50.00 to use a school instrument during the year (that even applies to students who use a school cello/viola/bass at school only.)  The $50.00 will cover all the general maintenance of the instrument. You will be responsible if you seriously damage the instrument due to negligence.

    11.  When turning in money always put it in an envelope and put it in the money box.  Envelopes are provided.  Never hand in money to the director or put it on their desk.  On the envelope you need your name, the amount of money you are turning and what it is for.  Always turn in money for fees by the required deadline.

    12.  I will try very hard to secure the room. However, there are activities in this room when we leave each day.  I strongly recommend carrying insurance through your homeowner’s insurance policy. LOCK your lockers.

    13.  I want every orchestra student to understand the importance of following all district policies that are in your Veterans Memorial student handbook that involves the orchestra both during school and outside of school.  There are strict disciplinary consequences which come with the policies concerning: hazing, drugs, tobacco, weapons, alcohol, theft and many others listed in your handbook.  Many time students are not aware of the things they say or do may be considered hazing or sexual harassment.  The orchestra has never had a problem with any of the above issues.  The orchestra is used as an example to the other organizations of the school for having some of the best academic and talented students in the school. I want to keep this tradition going so it is your responsibility to adhere to these rules.

    1.    Violin and Viola students need to have perlon wound strings plus an extra set of strings.
    2.    Violin and Viola students need to have a shoulder rest.
    3.    Cello and Bass students need a rock stop
    4.    ALL students need rosin and pencils!

    A word from Mrs. Rabago , Ladies and gentlemen, orchestra is supposed to be fun.  It is not fun for us or you when you cannot respect us and the rest of the class.  Keep all unnecessary comments to yourself.  Think before you speak.  I have feelings just like all of you.  Make sure what you have to say is not going to hurt my feelings or the feelings of someone else in the class.  If we all work hard to respect one another we will have a great year.  We are going to try to keep the complaining down to a minimum and smile at the unimportant things that happen each day.  I want you to do the same.  Practice needs to be treated very seriously.  Practicing 30 minutes each day will be enough to play all the music in your binder.  The more you put into orchestra the more you and the orchestra will get out of it.  Practice can be a great way to get away from homework and relieve stress.  Before you do your homework get your instrument out and when you can’t absorb anymore, practice to break the tension of studying.  It really works!