• Art Journals
    Students should have a journal for art -- this can be a composition book, spiral or sketchbook -- anything with pages will work! Journals are kept in class & may be used for the open note 9 weeks tests & semester exams. Students should also come to class prepared with a pencil to draw/write with.

    ART Supplies/Recyclables Request

    Please feel free to send in any of the following items that would be helpful for the art classroom:

    Ziploc bags

    Tissue boxes

    Yarn, fabric & felt scraps                 

    Lace & ribbon    


    Large paper sacks

    Paper plates (small & large)

    Glad plastic containers



    Cardboard pieces (small/flat)      

    Aluminum foil   

    Colored paper    

    Old CDs

    Wallpaper sample books    

    Old road maps, calendars, books (soft & hard cover), magazines & catalogs