• Rules:

    Do your best work

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Follow assigned voice level

    Stay in assigned seat or area

    Raise your hand to speak



    Verbal praise

    Prize box

    Hawk bucks

    Computer time

    Free time


    *Behavior Intervention Plans (As needed and tailored to child with specific goals)

    Think about it

    Warning/Private conversation

    Teacher Choice

    Notify parent

    Office referral


    Class Procedures:

    Enter classroom quietly

    Unpack/put take home folder in cubby/hang backpack in closet

    Sit in assigned seat

    Complete work as directed

    Clean work area

    Push in chair completely

    Line up quietly with hands to side and face forward


    Whole group/Carpet Time

    ears listening

    eyes watching

    legs crossed

    hands are still

    lips are zipped


    If student is distressed:

    Enter the classroom quietly

    Use sensory tools and a cool down area in the classroom as needed

    Leave to have conversation with Mrs. Jimenez or Mrs. Whorton

    Return to class with tools needed to be successful