• Classroom Expectations for Mrs. Vega’s 3rd Grade Class


    Student Expectations

    • Students should come prepared each day ready to learn.
    • Students should be focused and on task at all times.
    • Students should be responsible for their own learning.


    Student Agendas and Take-Home Folders

    • Student agendas and Take-Home folders will be sent home every day. The agenda is used as a communication tool between the teacher, student, and parent. Please initial the agenda every day to acknowledge that you saw your child’s agenda. No news from me is good news!  Please make every effort to remove all papers, and return papers that need to be returned in a timely manner. 



    • Homework packets will be assigned on Monday and are due Friday. In third grade, students will read for at least 20 minutes.   Students will use a reading log to keep record of the book(s) they are reading and write their thinking. 


    Behavior, Consequences, and Citizenship (Conduct)

    • I believe that we all learn through our mistakes and I’m big on making sure that my students understand what their choice was and what would be a better choice for next time. Students are expected to keep hands, feet, and all body parts to themselves.  Students who have difficulty making appropriate choices will receive the following warnings or consequences:
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Note in agenda/Dojo message to parents
    3. Phone call to parents
    4. Referral to the office
    • Citizenship (Conduct) JISD Grading Scale and Clarifying Statement used to determine nine weeks conduct grade.
      • E- Excellent conduct always follows class rules, never disruptive in class, always tries their best, has a positive attitude in class, and always on task.
      • S- Satisfactory conduct usually follows class rules, rarely disruptive in class, usually tries their best, usually has a positive attitude in class, and usually on task.
      • N- Conduct needs improvement, rarely follows class rules, is disruptive in class, rarely tries their best, rarely has a positive attitude in class, and rarely on task.
      • U- Unsatisfactory Conduct, does not follow class rules, is disruptive in class, does not try their best, and does not have a positive attitude in class and not on task.





    • Please keep in mind that attendance is EXTREMELY Students who are tardy, or absent, miss precious instructional time.  Although we understand that situations occur, it is imperative students are in class on time and present every day.  The first bell for class rings at 7:25 and the tardy bell rings at 7:30am.


    Water Bottles

    • Students are also encouraged to bring a water bottle during these days of extreme heat. Only water will be allowed in our classroom. Please ensure that the water bottle has a sealable lid.


    Contact Information

    • Please feel free to contact me at any time about any questions or concerns you may have.
      • Vega


    Conference time: 8:35-9:20 M, T, W, F