Classroom Rules and Policies

  • Classroom Expectations

    In Our Class we Will...

    Always do our best

    Use Kind Words

    Lisen when others Talk

    Clean up and Help out

    Respect each other

    Follow Directions


    Snacks and Lunch

    You may send in a healthy snack and a water bottle.

    We eat lunch at 11:00

    Classroom Management Procedures

    • Verbal warnings to correct behavior 
    •  After 2-3 warning of behavior student will lose DOJO points
    • If behavior continues after reminders and parent will be contacted
    • Students that continue to misbehave and interfere with lessons will be sent to the office and parents will be called

    Our award system uses Dojo points.  This is the way I communicate with parents too.  Students earn dojo points for good behavior and are able to turn in thier points for prizes.