• Daily Procedures:

      Place your backpack correctly on their hook, remove your take home folder and spelling journal from your backpack, take their caddies to their desks. Students wanting breakfast need to gather one of each of the items then return to their desk. Once you have finished your breakfast, place all trash in the trash can and return to your desk without stopping to talk to your classmates.

      Wolf TV will begin at 7:30am. We will begin our lessons promptly after Wolf TV. The daily expectation is for each student to have all supplies needed for each subject. Going back and forth to your backpack will result in your folder being marked and/or other consequences being assigned.



      Always try to do your best

      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

      Be respectful and kind



      Treasure Box

      We will visit the treasure box on the last Friday of each month. Only students with zero marks will be allowed to visit the treasure box and only one item will be allowed each month. 


      Class Procedures

      Enter the classroom ready to word

      Enter the classroom quietly

      Begin on assigned task as directed


      If a student is distressed

      Cool off zone

      Decompress in the pod

      Talking to Mrs. Patterson