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Adventure Club After School Program

The JISD Adventure Club is a program that includes homework time, mind-stimulating games, reading/quiet time, character and leadership-building activities, behavioral and etiquette skills, science centers, storytelling, music, art and crafts, board games, physical activities (games) and much, much, more. The Program Guidelines for Parents and Guardians explain the full policies, procedures, and program. The Adventure Club Program is available at 20 elementary locations throughout the district, proudly serving our K through 5th grade students. 

The JISD Adventure Club program is open Monday - Friday with the exception of observed JISD school holidays.The JISD Adventure Club operates from the time of dismissal until 6pm. Be advised a $1 per minute, per child, LATE PICK UP FEE is charged after 6PM. Invoices are added to My School Bucks account accordingly and are due in full upon receipt. 

Adventure Club is handled at the campus level. Below are each of their numbers. Contact the campus for more information.

Candlewood ES
(210) 662-1060

Converse ES
(210) 945-1210

Copperfield ES
(210) 619-0460

Coronado Village ES
(210) 945-5110

Crestview ES
(210) 945-5111

Elolf ES
(210) 661-1130

Escondido ES
(210) 662-2250

Franz ES
(210) 945-5640

Hartman ES
(210) 564-1520

Hopkins ES
(210) 661-1120

Masters ES
(210) 945-1150

Miller's Point ES
(210) 945-5114

Olympia ES
(210) 945-5113

Park Village ES
(210) 637-4890

Paschall ES
(210) 662-2240

Rolling Meadows ES
(210) 945-5700

Salinas ES
(210) 659-5045

Spring Meadows ES
(210) 662-1050

Woodlake ES
(210) 662-2220

Wortham Oaks ES
(210) 945-5750