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Fiscal Requirements

Each district with a Title I allocation of $500,000 or more must reserve at least 1% of Title I funds to carry out parent and family engagement activities. No less than 90% of those funds must be distributed to Title I schools New, under ESSA, parent and family engagement funds must be used to carry out activities and strategies including not less than 1 of the following:

  • Supporting schools and nonprofit organizations in providing professional development for district and school personnel regarding parent and family engagement strategies, which may be provided jointly to teachers, principals, other school leaders, specialized instructional support personnel, paraprofessionals, early childhood educators, and parents and family members.
  • Supporting programs that reach parents and family members at home, in the community and at school.
  • Disseminating information on best practices focused on parent and family engagement, especially best practices for increasing the engagement of economically disadvantaged parents and family members.
  • Collaborating, or providing sub grants to schools to enable such schools to collaborate, with community-based or other organizations or employers with a record of success in improving and increasing parent and family engagements.
  • Engaging in any other activities and strategies that the district determines are appropriate and consistent with the district’s parent and family engagement policy.