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Department of Innovation

The Department of Innovation serves to meet the needs of the Judson community by keeping a student-centered mission to:  
  • expand the number of inventive, imaginative school options  
  • raise the percentage of students in high-quality, best-fit campuses, and  
  • increase the academic achievement of all students  

to ensure Judson ISD is a premier, destination school district that welcomes all students in the greater-San Antonio area.  

Systems of Great Schools  

Judson is a member of TEA’s System of Great Schools (SGS) Network and is implementing its four-lever strategy:   

  • analyze school performance,   
  • expand great options, 
  • improve access to options, and
  • create new organizational structures.  

Strategic Partnerships and Grants 

 The Department of Innovation strives to build strong relationships with parents, teachers, staff, and community leaders as we envision a more robust future of success for Judson ISD. We seek strategic partnerships and external resources, including significant funding grants such as the following: 

  • Effective Schools Framework, 
  • United States Department of Education Teacher Leader Programs, and
  • School Action Fund  

to support transformational practices and innovative systems. 

Cecilia Davis
Deputy Superintendent of Innovation, Business, Operations, and Technology 
(210) 945-5216

Alyssa Bodak
Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent
(210) 945-5103