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District Site Based Committee (DSBC)

The Judson ISD DSBC works in an advisory capacity to the Superintendent in order to provide broad based input to improve student achievement. The committee addresses issues in the areas of planning, budget, curriculum and instruction, staff patterns, staff development and school organization. The committee also provides assistance in developing the District Improvement Plan updated yearly.
In an advisory capacity, the committee has input on district-level waivers, local appraisal processes, the district calendar and the student code of conduct. By law, the Council must approve district-level professional development.
The DSBC is comprised of:
  • 1 special programs teacher,
  • 4 regular program elementary teachers,
  • 3 regular program secondary teachers,
  • 2 non-teaching campus based professional employees,
  • 1 District-level professional employee,
  • 1 representative from manual trades staff,
  • 1 representative from Para-Professional staff,
  • 2 parents,
  • 2 community members and
  • 2 business members.
Representatives are elected or selected annually, as their staggered terms are completed. Members are limited to two consecutive terms on the committee. (Reference - Board Policy BQA (Local))